CVE-2020-7115: Aruba Clearpass RCE

This exercise covers a remote command execution issue on Aruba Clearpass RCE

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This course delves into the exploitation of the CVE-2020-7115 vulnerability in Aruba ClearPass. The vulnerability arises from the way a Java application calls a shell script and improperly handles arguments. Traditional command injection techniques like `&&`, `;`, and `||` don't work due to the use of ProcessBuilder with an array of strings. Instead, the exploitation technique involves injecting arguments into the `openssl` command, allowing an attacker to gain code execution.

The video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to crafting an exploit, from creating a C program to compiling it into a shared library. By injecting a malicious passphrase, you'll learn how to manipulate the command line to execute arbitrary commands. The course also emphasizes the importance of understanding how arguments are processed in shell scripts to exploit such vulnerabilities effectively.

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