Learn web penetration testing:
The right way

We provide hands-on exercises to learn
web penetration testing and web security.

Vulnerable web apps
in easy-to-use ISOs

Boot our ISO
and start hacking

Think like an attacker!

Our exercises are not just a set of vulnerabilities,
they are built to teach you how to think like an attacker.

PentesterLab is an easy and great way to learn penetration testing.

PentesterLab provides vulnerable systems that can be used to test and understand vulnerabilities.


There is only one way to properly learn web penetration testing: by getting your hands dirty. We teach how to manually find and exploit vulnerabilities. You will understand the root cause of the problems and the methods that can be used to exploit them.

Real vulnerabilities

Our exercises are based on common vulnerabilities found in different systems. The issues are not emulated. We provide you real systems with real vulnerabilities.


We aim to provide offline and online access to our system. You can use our online labs if you want or you can just use our ISO and work offline.