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From Dev to AppSec!

Transitioning from Developer to AppSec Engineer

Developers possess an incredible foundation to transition into AppSec Engineering. Whether you're eyeing penetration testing or broadening your security knowledge, let's discuss how to make this switch effectively.

Introduction to AppSec Engineering

Are you a developer curious about security? Ever dreamt of becoming a pentester? If so, AppSec Engineering could be your gateway. It aligns closely with developers' tasks, from reading code to design reviews, and yes, even penetration testing. Plus, it's a well-compensated role that brings fun (and maybe the allure of wearing those black hoodies while saying, "I'm in").

Steps to Transition

  1. Embed Security in Development: Begin by incorporating security considerations into your daily tasks.

    • Join a security champion program if available.
    • During peer code reviews, proactively identify potential vulnerabilities.
    • Liaise with your organization's security team. Seek mentorship or opportunities to rotate into their domain.
  2. Network Extensively: Attend security-centric events, such as BSides, OWASP meetups, and SecTalks. These provide invaluable networking opportunities and insights.

    • For those unable to attend in person, numerous online events and webinars are available.
    • Reach out to security recruiters to assist in identifying roles tailored to your ambitions and skill set.
  3. Invest in Training: Dive into hands-on experiences:

    • Platforms like PentesterLab offer comprehensive courses. Aim for badges like Unix, Essential, White, Blue, Orange, and keep an eye on the Code Review badge.
    • For those seeking free resources, the internet is teeming with tutorials, blogs, and videos on application security. Aim for continuous learning to remain updated.
    • Follow platforms like PentesterLab on social media channels to stay informed on essential reads and updates.
  4. Deep Dive into Bug Bounty Reports: Enhance your threat modeling prowess by delving into real-world vulnerability reports.

    • Analyze each report, understand the feature in question, and discern the root cause of the security flaw.
  5. Patience is Paramount: Understand that this transition may not be instantaneous. It could span months or even years. Yet, the investment is invaluable. Even if you don't immediately enter AppSec, a developer versed in security is a prized asset in the industry.

Closing Thoughts

Transitioning into AppSec Engineering is an exciting journey. Remember, networking, continuous learning, and perseverance are your stalwart allies.