Android 02

This exercise will guide through the process of extracting data from a simple database used by an Android app

< 1 Hr.


In this exercise, you are tasked with downloading an Android application and using tools such as apktool to decompile the APK file and extract its contents. The application requires a pin code to provide a key, but no pin code is set. By extracting the APK, you will discover various files, including configuration files and databases. Your goal is to search for files ending in .db or .sqlite, which may contain the key needed to solve the challenge.

The video supplement for this lab demonstrates the process of using apktool to decompile the APK file. It emphasizes the importance of examining the AndroidManifest.xml file to locate database names and explains how to use the sqlite3 tool to access and query the database files. The key to solving the exercise is embedded within these database files, which can be accessed and queried to retrieve the required key.

This exercise highlights the importance of understanding the structure and contents of an APK file and teaches how to extract and analyze database information that may be embedded in mobile applications.

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