Android 03

This exercise will guide through the process of extracting simple information from an APK

< 1 Hr.


In this exercise, you are tasked with downloading an Android APK and extracting its contents to uncover the pin code required to retrieve a key. The challenge can be approached in two ways: using apktool to decompile the APK into smali code or manually extracting the APK and converting the dex file to a jar file using dex2jar. Once you have the code, you can inspect it to locate the key.

The video walkthrough details the steps to extract the APK using apktool, navigate the smali code to find significant information, and identify the MainActivity and MessageActivity classes where the key is located. Alternatively, the video demonstrates how to use dex2jar to convert the dex file to a jar and then decompile it to get a more readable Java code. By analyzing the Java code, you can easily find the key required to complete the exercise.

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