Code Review 05

This exercise is one of our challenges to help you learn how to review real source code

2-4 Hrs.


In this PentesterLab challenge, participants are tasked with reviewing the source code of a CGI node, which is known to contain several bugs. The primary objective is to identify a specific bug that becomes more severe due to the absence of a certain Apache module. By analyzing the code, participants are expected to pinpoint the exact location and nature of this vulnerability, submitting their findings with the file name and line number.

This exercise aims to enhance the participant's ability to scrutinize source code for vulnerabilities. By delving into the codebase, participants will develop a keener eye for spotting anomalous or insecure code patterns. This hands-on experience is designed to fortify their code review skills, making them more adept at identifying and addressing security flaws in various projects.

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