Code Review 06

This exercise is one of our challenges to help you learn how to review real source code

2-4 Hrs.


In this exercise, the objective is to delve into the source code of a Golang framework and scrutinize its CORS implementation. The task emphasizes understanding how specific parts of the code, such as those handling `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` headers, can introduce vulnerabilities. Although the code has an issue where it improperly copies the `Origin` and prevents a wildcard policy, this isn't the main focus. Instead, the exercise aims to familiarize you with recognizing patterns and behaviors that could lead to security flaws in larger projects.

By isolating and analyzing the CORS-related code, you will develop the skills to pinpoint insecure coding practices. This targeted approach helps in uncovering potential weaknesses without getting overwhelmed by the entire codebase. The challenge underscores the importance of thorough code reviews and highlights common pitfalls in Golang security.

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