This exercise covers the exploitation of an Xstream vulnerability in Jenkins

< 1 Hr.


This course delves into the exploitation of a serialization vulnerability in Jenkins, a popular automation server. When Jenkins unserializes arbitrary data, it becomes possible for an attacker to trigger unintended behaviors, including remote code execution. The vulnerability is rooted in Jenkins' support for serialized objects using XStream and its embedding of Groovy libraries, which contain gadgets that can be exploited.

The course provides a detailed walkthrough of exploiting this vulnerability by sending a crafted payload to Jenkins, demonstrating how to achieve code execution. The payload example uses Groovy's `Expando` and `MethodClosure` classes to launch the Calculator application, illustrating how unserialized data can be manipulated to execute arbitrary commands. This exercise underscores the risks associated with unserializing untrusted data and highlights the importance of securing serialization processes.

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