This challenge covers the review of a CVE in a Java codebase and its patch

< 1 Hr.


The Code Review Patch challenges aim to enhance your ability to identify and understand vulnerabilities in code by providing both the vulnerable code and its corresponding patch. In this particular lab, you will focus on a Java file from the `grafana-connector` project. The task is to locate a missing `else` statement in the `` file, which results in improper handling of unauthorized access attempts. Initially, you should try to spot the issue without referencing the patch, but if you struggle, the patch will guide you to the exact location of the problem.

The vulnerable code fails to handle cases where the `authorization` header is null, potentially allowing unauthorized access. The patch adds an `else` clause to ensure that if the `authorization` header is missing, the server responds with an unauthorized error. This change is crucial for maintaining the security of the authentication mechanism.

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