From SQL injection to Shell III

This exercise covers how to gain access to an administration interface using SQL injection followed by how to get command execution using ImageTragick

1-2 Hrs.
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This comprehensive course covers the exploitation of a SQL injection vulnerability in a web application, demonstrating how attackers can retrieve user passwords and crack them. Once inside, the course explains how to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access administration pages. Finally, the course shows how to leverage a vulnerability in ImageMagick to achieve code execution on the server.

The course is divided into three main steps: identifying and exploiting the SQL injection, bypassing the MFA, and gaining code execution using ImageMagick. Each step is explained in detail, demonstrating practical techniques and providing insights into the vulnerabilities and their exploitation. The course concludes with a summary of the learned techniques and emphasizes the importance of secure coding practices to prevent such vulnerabilities.

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