This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

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In this challenge, you are tasked with sending a GET request to /pentesterlab with the GET parameter key appearing twice, both times with the value please. The objective is to understand HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP), a technique that can trigger unusual behavior in web applications, especially when multiple levels of proxying are involved. HPP can be used to bypass some filtering mechanisms or to find discrepancies between a reverse proxy and the backend application handling the data. For instance, it may allow you to bypass a web application firewall.

To complete this challenge, you can start by using the curl command. This will help you understand how the request is constructed. Afterward, you can write a snippet of code in your favorite programming language to automate the process. Reusing and expanding upon your previous code can help you build a collection of scripts for future use. This hands-on experience is crucial for understanding how HPP works and its potential implications on web security.

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