This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

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This challenge requires you to send a GET request to the endpoint /pentesterlab with a specific GET parameter ?key set to the value please. Initially, you should solve this challenge using the curl command-line tool, which will help you understand the basics of crafting appropriate HTTP requests. Following this, you are encouraged to write a script in your preferred programming language to automate the process, enabling you to build a collection of reusable scripts for future tasks.

In the accompanying video, the process is demonstrated step-by-step. First, we compose the GET request using curl, ensuring that the query string is correctly URL-encoded to prevent misinterpretation by the server. Specifically, the question mark (?) must be encoded as %3f. This ensures that the server correctly understands the parameters being sent. This method not only solves the challenge but also prepares you for handling similar tasks where URL-encoding is necessary to maintain the integrity of the request.

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