This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

< 1 Hr.
HTTP Badge


In this challenge, you need to send a request using the method HACK to the endpoint /pentesterlab. This task is part of the HTTP badge series and aims to enhance your understanding of custom HTTP methods. Initially, we recommend using `curl` to achieve this objective. You can use the `-X` option in `curl` to specify the HTTP method and send the request to the server. Once you successfully get the key for this challenge using `curl`, you can proceed to write a script in your favorite programming language to automate this task.

Writing a script based on your initial `curl` command allows you to create a collection of reusable scripts for future challenges. You can leverage your previous code for GET requests and modify it to use the HACK method. This approach not only helps in solving the current challenge but also prepares you for more complex scenarios where custom HTTP methods might be required.

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