This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

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HTTP Badge


In this video and course, we cover the HTTP 22 challenge as part of the Http badge. The objective is to send a request to `/pentesterlab` with the `X-HTTP-Method-Override` header set to `HACK`. This header can be used to override the current Http method, depending on whether or not it's supported by the server or framework receiving the request. Understanding this concept is crucial as it allows you to access resources that may require a different HTTP method, like POST, even if something prevents you from sending that specific request.

To solve this challenge, it is recommended to use `curl` initially. This will help you understand the fundamental process before moving on to writing a snippet of code in your preferred language. By doing so, you can create a collection of reusable scripts for future tasks. You can also leverage your previous code for GET requests with headers to write your script. The video demonstrates how to use `curl` to set the `X-HTTP-Method-Override` header and retrieve the key for the challenge, emphasizing the importance of knowing how different applications or frameworks handle this header.

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