This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

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In this challenge, you are tasked with sending a GET request to /pentesterlab#pentesterlab. Typically, the fragment (everything after #) is not sent by the client to the server. By default, curl does not include the fragment in the request, sending only /pentesterlab. However, there is a method to override this behavior, which is different from the one used in http_25. This challenge is particularly useful for testing applications with multiple layers of reverse proxies, where understanding how fragments are handled can be crucial.

We recommend starting with curl to solve this challenge. This approach will help you understand the basics before moving on to writing a script in your preferred programming language. This will also allow you to build a collection of reusable scripts for future use. When writing your script, you can leverage your previous code for GET requests. The key is to find a way to tell curl to send everything, including the fragment.

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