This challenge covers how to send specific HTTP requests

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In this challenge, you are required to connect to the WebSocket endpoint /pentesterlab and send the string "key." This task cannot be accomplished using curl, so you will need to use either your browser or a command-line tool dedicated to WebSocket operations. Once you have successfully sent the string, you are encouraged to write a script in your preferred programming language to automate this process. This will help you build a collection of reusable scripts for future challenges.

The video tutorial walks you through solving this challenge using Ruby. It demonstrates how to set up a Docker container running Ruby, install necessary libraries like websocket-eventmachine-client, and write a script to connect to the WebSocket endpoint. The script sends the required string and handles incoming messages, ultimately retrieving the key needed to complete the challenge. This hands-on approach helps you understand the nuances of WebSocket communication and script automation.

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