Introduction 02

This exercise will guide through the process of scoring an exercise to mark it as completed. Finding the key is just a little bit harder than the previous exercise.

< 1 Hr.


HTML comments are frequently employed by web developers to hide sections of a webpage or certain functionalities without completely removing them. This could be for "security" reasons, or simply because a feature has been temporarily or permanently deprecated. By examining the source code of a webpage using developer tools in browsers like Chrome or Firefox, you can uncover these hidden sections. HTML comments, which start with ``, can contain links or other useful information that might not be visible in the rendered page.

Understanding how to find and interpret HTML comments is crucial for security professionals. Often, hidden links or features within these comments can lead to discovering sensitive information or functionalities that were not intended to be accessed by regular users. For example, you might find a commented-out link labeled "secret" that, when visited, reveals critical data or provides access to a hidden feature. By leveraging developer tools to view and edit the HTML, you can make these hidden elements visible and explore their contents.

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