This exercise is one of our challenges on vulnerabilities related to LDAP

< 1 Hr.


This lab focuses on LDAP injection, a common web application vulnerability that allows attackers to manipulate LDAP queries. By understanding LDAP syntax and boolean logic, you will explore methods to inject payloads into LDAP filters, enabling you to bypass authentication checks. You'll learn how to use wildcards and NULL BYTE characters to manipulate the input effectively and understand the implications of unsalted password hashes in LDAP filters.

The video walkthrough complements the lab by providing a step-by-step explanation of a vulnerable login script. It demonstrates how improper handling of user input can lead to LDAP injection vulnerabilities. By following the video, you'll gain insight into identifying and exploiting these vulnerabilities, as well as understanding the importance of securing LDAP queries with proper input validation and escaping techniques.

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