Intercept 02

This exercise covers how to intercept an HTTPs connection.

< 1 Hr.


In this course, you will learn the intricacies of performing a Person-in-the-Middle attack on a client engaging in HTTP connections over TLS. The course covers essential skills for mobile application and thick client testing by demonstrating how to manipulate DNS resolution to intercept and redirect client traffic to your server. The exercise is divided into two main steps: setting up a DNS server and configuring a TCP server with TLS support. This foundational exercise prepares you for more advanced techniques in TLS interception.

The video transcript complements the course by providing a detailed walkthrough of the Intercept 02 challenge, part of the Intercept Badge. It explains how to control DNS resolution to deceive clients into connecting to your server instead of the legitimate one, ultimately allowing you to intercept and analyze the traffic. The transcript also includes the necessary commands and steps to create a TLS listener and handle client requests, reinforcing the practical skills covered in the course.

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