Intercept 03

This exercise covers how to intercept an HTTPs connection with hostname verification.

< 1 Hr.


This course provides a detailed walkthrough of performing a Person-in-the-Middle (PITM) attack against a client making an HTTP connection over TLS. You'll learn how to set up a DNS server and a TCP server with TLS support to intercept and manipulate the traffic. The exercise highlights a common vulnerability where a client validates the certificate but fails to verify the hostname, allowing attackers to exploit this flaw using a valid but mismatched certificate.

The course is divided into two main steps: setting up a DNS server to direct the client to your server and configuring a TCP server with TLS support. By the end of the exercise, you will understand how to intercept a TLS connection from a client that does not properly check the hostname against the certificate's subject. This knowledge is particularly relevant for testing mobile applications and thick clients, where such issues are prevalent.

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