This exercise covers how to intercept an HTTPs connection..

1-2 Hrs.


This course provides a detailed walkthrough on exploiting the CVE-2014-1266 vulnerability, also known as "goto fail," which affects the iOS and OSX TLS stack. The vulnerability arises from a duplicated line of code that causes the client to bypass proper verification of the server's certificate, allowing a malicious server to impersonate a legitimate one. The course guides you through setting up a DNS server to redirect the client to your malicious server and configuring a TLS server that presents a legitimate certificate chain with an invalid private key. This setup forces the client to use a vulnerable cipher suite, enabling you to intercept and decrypt the client's communication.

The course also delves into the technical details of the TLS handshake process, explaining how the client and server exchange keys and validate each other's identity. By exploiting the "goto fail" vulnerability, you can bypass the certificate verification step, making it possible for a malicious server to decrypt the communication without the proper private key. This challenge demonstrates the importance of secure coding practices and the potential impact of seemingly minor mistakes in critical security code.

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