OAuth2: Authorization Server CSRF

This exercise covers the exploitation of a CSRF in the Authorization server

1-2 Hrs.


In this course, we delve into the exploitation of an insecure OAuth2 Authorization Server. The vulnerability in question is a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) flaw that allows a malicious user to trick a victim into authorizing an application without their consent. This occurs because the Authorization Server fails to validate the CSRF token during the authorization process.

The exploitation process involves creating a malicious OAuth application and tricking a victim into visiting a crafted web page that automatically submits an authorization request. Once the victim unknowingly authorizes the application, the attacker can obtain an authorization code. This code can then be exchanged for an access token, granting the attacker access to the victim’s resources. This exercise underscores the importance of securing OAuth2 implementations, as improper configurations can lead to severe security breaches.

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