OAuth2: Authorization Server XSS II

This exercise covers the exploitation of a XSS in the Authorization server

< 1 Hr.


The course offers an in-depth look at exploiting an OAuth2 Authorization Server with an XSS vulnerability. It guides you through the steps a malicious user would take to register an account, create an OAuth application, and set up a redirect URL leading to their server. By exploiting the XSS vulnerability, the attacker can bypass CSRF protection and trick a victim into authorizing the malicious application. The course also demonstrates how to use the obtained authorization code to get a token and access the victim's account.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to manipulate forms, utilize iframes, and employ the fetch() API to automate the authorization process. By understanding these techniques, you'll be better equipped to identify and prevent similar vulnerabilities in OAuth2 implementations. The final part of the course shows how to use the token to interact with the resource server and retrieve sensitive information, emphasizing the importance of securing OAuth2 Authorization Servers.

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