SAML: Signature Stripping

This exercise covers the exploitation of a signature stripping vulnerability in SAML

< 1 Hr.


This course dives into the intricacies of exploiting an insecure SAML implementation. By tampering with the SAMLResponse, a malicious user can alter the email address and impersonate another user, such as The course provides detailed steps on how to intercept the SAMLResponse, modify its content, and remove the signature to deceive the Service Provider.

The video tutorial complements the written instructions by demonstrating the use of SAML Raider, an extension for Burp Suite, to decode and modify the SAMLResponse. Through practical examples, learners are shown how to manipulate SAML requests and responses to exploit vulnerabilities in the authentication process. This hands-on approach ensures that participants can apply these techniques in real-world scenarios, highlighting the importance of detecting and fixing such vulnerabilities in enterprise environments.

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