SAML: Signature Wrapping

This exercise covers how one can use Signature Wrapping to become arbitrary users.

< 1 Hr.


In this course, we explore the exploitation of insecure SAML implementations with a focus on SAML Wrapping attacks. These attacks exploit discrepancies in how the SAMLResponse is parsed during the signature verification and the extraction of user information. By crafting a SAMLResponse with multiple NameID tags, an attacker can manipulate the response to impersonate another user.

The course includes a detailed breakdown of the SAMLResponse structure and demonstrates how an attacker can intercept and modify the response to gain unauthorized access. Through practical exercises, the course aims to highlight the importance of proper SAML implementation and the potential risks associated with its misconfiguration. The exercises emphasize the need for thorough testing and validation to prevent such vulnerabilities from being exploited.

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