SAML: Signature Wrapping II

This exercise covers how one can use Signature Wrapping to become arbitrary users.

< 1 Hr.


This course focuses on the exploitation of an insecure SAML implementation, particularly through SAML Wrapping attacks. It begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of SAML and the importance of verifying SAMLResponses. The course explains that SAML Wrapping attacks exploit discrepancies between how the signature and the message are parsed, enabling an attacker to insert a rogue NameID into the SAMLResponse.

The course provides a step-by-step guide on how to craft a malicious SAMLResponse. By understanding the mechanics of SAML Wrapping, you'll learn how to manipulate the SAMLResponse to include an additional Assertion with a rogue NameID, thereby gaining unauthorized access. The course concludes by emphasizing the importance of detecting and fixing such vulnerabilities to secure Single Sign-On (SSO) implementations.

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