SQL Injection 01

This exercise is one of our challenges on SQL Injections

< 1 Hr.


SQL injections are a critical web vulnerability arising from the failure to properly encode or escape user-controlled input in SQL queries. This lab uses MySQL as the backend and delves into different techniques to inject SQL statements by manipulating how information is echoed back in queries. You'll practice formulating hypotheses and testing them to understand how to break the query syntax, ultimately learning to bypass a login page using an SQL injection payload.

The lab focuses on creating a SQL injection payload that returns at least one record by injecting a condition that is always true, such as `1=1`. You'll break out of the single quote, add the `OR` keyword, and use comments to manipulate the SQL query. The goal is to understand the process of constructing and testing SQL injection payloads in a controlled, ethical manner to ultimately secure web applications against such attacks.

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