Unicode and Uppercase

This exercise covers how you can use unicode to gain access to an admin account.

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In this lab, you will explore a vulnerability that arises from the case manipulation of Unicode characters, specifically focusing on the "LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I" (Unicode: ı). This vulnerability was discovered in GitHub and allows attackers to exploit password reset functionalities by bypassing anti-collision and filtering mechanisms. When certain characters are converted to uppercase, they may map to other characters, creating unexpected behavior. For example, the dotless "i" converts to an uppercase "I", which can be leveraged to bypass username restrictions and potentially gain unauthorized access.

Through this exercise, you'll learn how to properly encode the dotless "i" and use it to perform an attack that demonstrates the exploitation of this vulnerability. By understanding how these subtle character changes can be manipulated, you can better appreciate the nuances of application security and how even minor oversights can lead to significant vulnerabilities. This lab emphasizes the importance of thorough testing and awareness of lesser-known bugs that traditional courses may not cover.

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