Unix 01

This exercise is one of our challenges to help you learn more about Unix/Linux

< 1 Hr.
Unix Badge


This challenge is designed to help you understand the basics of navigating the Unix file system. You are provided with login credentials for the `pentesterlab` user. Your goal is to find a key located in the home directory of another user named `victim`. By using the `cd` command, you can move between directories, and the `ls` command will help you list the contents of these directories. Once you locate the `victim` directory, you can use the `cat` command to read the key file.

The video tutorial further elaborates on how to move around directories using relative and absolute paths. It emphasizes the importance of understanding Unix commands and the file system structure. By practicing these commands, you will gain a better grasp of how Unix handles paths and file access, which is crucial for any ethical hacking endeavor.

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