Unix 12

This exercise is one of our challenges to help you learn more about Unix/Linux

< 1 Hr.
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In this challenge, you begin by logging in using the credentials: username "pentesterlab" and password "pentesterlab". Your objective is to find a file named "backup.bz2" left by the user "root" in one of the temporary folders. Using the file extension "bz2", you will decompress the file with the `bunzip2` command to obtain a file named "backup".

To determine the content of the file, you can use the `file` command, which will help you identify the type of file you are dealing with. From this point, you have two strategies: using the `strings` command combined with `grep` to match the format of a key or extracting the archive based on its identified format. This will ultimately allow you to retrieve the key for the challenge. Remember to clean up by removing any files you've created during the process.

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