File Upload 02

This exercise is one of our challenges on Upload vulnerabilities

< 1 Hr.


In this lab, part of the essential badge, you will delve into a source code review of the "Upload 02" challenge. The developer has attempted to restrict file uploads to prevent `.php` files from being uploaded by checking if the file name ends with `.php`. However, this restriction can be easily bypassed by renaming the file to an alternative extension such as `.php3`, which the server will also interpret as a PHP file.

The video transcript provides a detailed walkthrough of the code, highlighting that the uploaded file is placed within the webroot, posing a security risk if the file is executable. The code uses regular expressions to filter out `.php` files but fails to account for other PHP extensions, which can be exploited to gain code execution on the server. It also mentions the potential for file overwriting if two files with the same name are uploaded.

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