Werkzeug DEBUG

This challenge was written for Ruxcon CTF 2015 and cover the Debug mode of Werkzeug/Flask

< 1 Hr.


This exercise is an integral component of the Capture-The-Flag badge, designed to emulate the real-world scenarios of a CTF (Capture-The-Flag) competition. Unlike other exercises, it does not include any course material, as the primary objective is to challenge participants to apply their skills in a practical, problem-solving environment. By working through this exercise, you will hone your abilities to identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and ultimately capture the flag, which is a crucial part of cybersecurity training.

The Capture-The-Flag badge exercises are crafted to push your limits and test your knowledge in various aspects of ethical hacking. They provide a hands-on experience that simulates actual hacking challenges, which are invaluable for building a robust skill set in penetration testing. These exercises encourage you to think critically and creatively, reflecting the unpredictability and complexity of real-world cybersecurity threats.

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