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Get All the DNS

Gaining Access to All DNS Information to Boost Security


Hello, AppSec enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered about the importance of DNS information in your security arsenal? In this video, we're highlighting the significance of DNS and how it can enhance your application security strategies.

From Code to DNS

Recall our previous discussion on accessing all code for improved security. Today, we're pivoting from that to focus on DNS. Specifically, our target is to GET ALL THE DNS.

What Does 'Get All the DNS' Entail?

'Get All the DNS' refers to securing read-only access to:
- Every domain name owned by your company
- Every zone associated with those domains

How to Obtain All DNS Information

Automation is the key. Depending on your setup:
- Use API calls
- Integrate with a git repository if DNS data is managed as part of your DevOps process

Always aim for the latest DNS data version and set up notifications for all changes. If your DNS data resides in a git repository, consider joining the group alerted for merge requests.

The Significance of Comprehensive DNS Access

Complete DNS information is transformative because:

  • Project Detection: New projects often necessitate new domain names or subdomains.
  • Shadow IT Identification: Uncover unauthorized SAAS products using new subdomains.
  • Monitoring Network Transitions: For example, moving from one cloud provider to another.
  • Mitigation of Subdomain Takeovers: Detect and rectify dangling DNS records.
  • TLS Certificate Monitoring: Script checks on all DNS records for nearing expirations.
  • Locating Missing SPF Records: Essential for email security.
  • Misconfiguration Detection: Spot potential configuration mistakes.
  • Reputation Tracking: Monitor your domain's public standing.
  • Phishing & Typosquatting Detection: Monitor globally registered domains to identify potential threats.

In essence, just as accessing all code powers up your security efforts, having all DNS data amplifies your team's efficacy.


That's a wrap on the value of all-encompassing DNS information. If you have innovative automation strategies or use cases for complete DNS data, do share in the comments. Each shared insight strengthens the community.