This exercise covers a remote code execution vulnerability in Ruby-on-Rails when using render on user-supplied data

< 1 Hr.
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This course focuses on the exploitation of CVE-2016-2098, a critical vulnerability caused by the misuse of the `render` method in applications. The course begins by introducing the issue with a practical example, showing how the `render` method can be exploited when it processes user-supplied data. Learners are guided through the process of transforming a simple parameter into a hash to inject `inline` code, which could lead to remote code execution if not handled correctly.

The video component complements the written material by walking through a real-world example where a website is vulnerable due to the misuse of the `render` method. Through step-by-step instructions, participants learn to construct and encode the payloads necessary to exploit the vulnerability, culminating in the execution of arbitrary commands on the server. By the end of this course, learners will not only understand the mechanics of CVE-2016-2098 but also appreciate the importance of input validation and proper handling of user-supplied data in web applications.

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